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FantasizeMC Community Forums.

We have our developers working hard to get the server out, right now we really need some more moderators. Please go ahead and promote us to your friends! Thanks!
I would like to thank Alestrose and Joshinator117 and Profamii for doing a ton of work on the server so far!
As we all know Christmas is over so I hope you all enjoy it while it lasted, now we have new years to celebrate!

Well, we have had Alestrose building some things on the server and Josh configuring a lot of things for the server. We are progressing so much and with all these new people, they keep coming, I am so thankful for all the help. We have spawn progressing by Alestrose and Josh is currently working on ranks and some protecting of spawn and regions. We have had Profamii set up the forums which is amazing!
Have a happy new years!

I just wanted to say have a happy holiday and merry Christmas Eve to start this off!
We are off to a great start on the server with the forums going up and all. I could never imagined having a forums as great as this one! I would like to give a thank you to Profami for setting this up for us.

I will be giving away the rest of my Steam codes tomorrow morning, first thing when I wake up! Be hyped for that!! I only got like eight though but at least that is a gift for Christmas. Today I will through in one for the heck of it why don't I, it's Christmas Eve!

6M550-0JLA5-80JQZ A code for a free game on steam.

Edit on the 25th:
Christmas it is today! Here are all the codes I promised you!!