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Forum Rules

Discussion in 'Rules' started by Lixo, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. Lixo

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    Dec 23, 2017
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    1. Do not discuss adult topics and concepts such as pornographic content, foul language, or drug and alcohol talk. The FantasizeMC Network is aimed towards general audiences. No matter your personal age, topics like these may have bad influences on the younger audience and therefore are forbidden. Do not make any innuendos or ‘skate’ around this by suggesting these either. Any censoring is also not acceptable, just like it is on our server. .

    2. Discussion of politics, religion, sexual orientation or any other contentious political or social subject is forbidden. In numerous cases, these topics have brought on much more harm than good. While our community is accepting to everyone, we still ask you don’t speak of these topics.

    3. Do not create discussion intended to harass or flame a specific member of group of members in the community. While we do allow you to make reports of people you believe to be doing wrong to the community, these should be done with respectful words. No matter how upset you may be with someone, you never have rights to be harmful to them. Staff are the ones to determine if a comment is negative in nature or not.

    4. Arguments in open discussion, malicious or not, typically bring on a negative atmosphere to the website and are forbidden. If you disagree with a user and can only provide opinions to back up your disagreement, you may be better off taking it to private message rather than trying to contribute to a discussion without facts to back up claims.

    5. Other existing Minecraft servers may not be discussed here, even within context related to our server. This commonly includes, but is not limited to sharing server IPs or names, even if the server is closed, in maintenance, not open to public. This can be seen as advertising and is frowned upon in the community. This also includes links to non-approved discords, realms, etc. You are free, however, to state “another server” or “my own server” when discussing content related to another server.

    6. For your own personal protection, we do not allow posting of sensitive materials. Please do not openly post emails, phone numbers, full names, or addresses. Social media accounts, general locations, photos of yourself, or similar items are allowed. Speak to an administrator or moderator privately if you have a specific question concerning this rule. Please do not post other people’s personal info [no matter if it’s public knowledge or not] unless you have gotten written consent from them before posting.

    7. Links to websites, files, or any other content that are intentionally malicious or break copyright and plagiarism grounds will be immediately deleted, and the posting user will be suspended from the website.

    8. Links to marketing, websites or apps designed to capture emails or other respondents' data will be considered spam. We take these types of infringements seriously. Staff will investigate links in order to determine if it collects personal data or not. If you wish to hold raffles/drawings (which some users use a separate website to collect data), contact a staff member in going about this in a legal manner that doesn’t impede on another player’s personal information.

    9. Do not make posts containing less than five words. Quotes and images do not count towards your own word count. Posts like these tend to cause "white noise" on the forums, they provide little to the topic at hand but yet they still alert everyone to a new post. If you want to show somebody thanks or appreciation for what they said, use the "like" button instead.


    Do - I like your application. You seem to be a great player.

    Don’t - Great app!

    10. Do not double post. As an owner of a post, you have the ability to edit your own posts. Do not post multiple times in a row to attempt to add on new information or get a staff member's attention, please edit your post with anything you feel needs to be added if no one has yet to reply.


    Don’t - 1st Post: I play on Survival Server.

    2nd Post: I play from 4 PM - 12 AM MST.

    3rd Post: Oh, that time is mainly on Weekdays. On weekends, I’m on all day

    Do - I play on the Survival Server from 4 PM - 12 AM MST on the weekdays. On the weekends, I’m on all day.

    11. If you cannot contribute anything new, don't make a post. Parroting or copy/pasting exactly what someone else said without adding on your own information can be considered spam. If you agree with someone, show it by using the "like" button, rather than making a whole post to agree with what they said.


    Don’t - 1st Post: That’s a great application! Good Luck!

    2nd Post (New User): Nice Application! Good Luck to you!

    Do - 1st Post: That’s a great application! Good Luck!

    2nd Post (New User): I have seen you on the server and you are very helpful. I give you my support.

    12. Threads have a purpose. While we do support conversing among your peers in the community, drawing attention away from the original post's content to chat will not be tolerated. You will need to take it to private discussion either ingame or via the conversations page. Please keep all threads related to the server in some capacity or at the very least about Minecraft. If you are unsure if your thread is off-topic or has no purpose, contact a forum staff member and they will give you permission to post the thread or not.


    Don’t - 1st Post: Here’s a build on the server that I’ve been working on. [Posts picture]

    2nd Post (New User): Good build. Hey, I also have a build on the server. Everyone should come check it out. [Posts picture]

    Do - 1st Post: Here’s a build on the server that I’ve been working on. [Posts picture]

    2nd Post (New User): That’s a great build you have there. It has some nice details on the inside.

    13. Be patient and respectful. Staff aren't on the forums 24/7, sometimes you'll get a reply straight away, sometimes it can take a day or two before staff reply. If you have an urgent

    matter, PM an online staff member, do not spam the forums with multiple posts regarding the same issue.

    14. No polls under applications, player reports, or ban appeals. Staff typically do not need player input on these sections, and these polls typically lead to more harassment and heartbreak than anything productive.

    15. Thread discussions tend to die out for a reason. Because of this, staff do not support when you "bump" or "necro" a thread. Once a thread is two weeks old, it’s considered “old” and shouldn’t be bumped by any means unless you have a new insight. A good rule of thumb is if you don’t have anything to add content wise, don’t comment and just use the like to support a post.

    16. Do not create multiple threads for an idea that is already in active discussion. Please ensure you've skimmed through every thread in the node you wish to post in before creating your post. If the thread is closed/locked, be sure to view why it was locked (if posted) before trying to create another thread about the same topic.

    17. Do not use excessive formatting. Excessive use of “rainbow text”, overly large fonts, character spam, emotes, or words in all caps will not be tolerated. Use text formatting only as necessary to clarify and emphasize what you are saying.

    18. Always include a summary of what you link leads to above or below your link. When posting links to other websites, ensure that this link will not redirect in a very obvious way to advertise another server or any sort of malware. You should only ever be posting links related to the topic at hand. Please only post links that direct to an imaging site, your work portfolio (for applications), or plugins/mods if doing suggestions [see Rules 7 and 8].

    19. Avoid excessive replying. If your reply will immediately follow the post you're replying to, you do not have to hit the reply button. You can override quoting the text by doing @ and the username [ex: @Lixo], especially if you are replying to someone multiple times.

    20. Titles must be relevant to your thread's topic. Things like "STAFF!", " : ) ", "Suggestion", and so on will not be tolerated. Be concise yet specific in relation to your thread title. Remember, the thread title will grab a player’s attention and make them want to look at the thread, just like a book title. Example: If you are posting a castle you built on our server made of purpur blocks, either have a catchy phrase such as “When Medieval Castle meets The End” or just a simple statement of “A medieval castle”.

    21. Do not spam Profile Posts. While profile posts do not follow many of our rules above (such as no posts 5 words or less), please refrain from spamming profile posts. Some users use their profile posts in order to get staff attention and if the profile posts gets spammed, it will be harder for staff to help the user in need. You can edit or even delete already made posts [just like with threads].

    22. You can report bullying on the Forums as long as you have proof. We do not tolerate bullying of any kind on our community, whether it be on our server or through another form of online communication (skype, twitter, discord, etc). If another user from our community is bullying you in any way, please make a report about it with screenshot proof. We will take whatever action necessary to stop the bullying from happening. You are also free to PM a staff member on the forums if you wish for your report to remain anonymous.

    23. Suicide, Hacking, Bullying, and/or Racism is not something to joke about. We don’t tolerate any threads that bully an individual based on their race, gender/sexual orientation or identity, age, name, etc. or any “just kidding” threads regarding hacking or suicide talk.
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